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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  January 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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from aboveve freezing saturday we have more colder with the series of clippers rain initially with the snowrs behind the rain out we look with the snow completely gone on radar temperatures going up into the middle 20s and then easy the clouds filling out a setting up a little to the west mentor at 29 of rain closer to 3026 and massillon so here is our day planner as we step out with the temperatures generally in the 20s snow is gone we should climb into the 30s later on this afternoon. traffic time with patty. >> good morning, unfortunately we have several problems out here if you areni coming in from
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other problem is over in parma there was an accident involving a semi- is the traffic very slow and that was an accident there. for 80 at granger nothing in it. just it a lot of volume this morning as you wait make your way over to broadway and to 71 they do have an accident with a tractor-trailer on routeh to heisley that ramp is closed they say the ramp is closing up very quickly and folks are using that as an alternate. over to you. >> it took just ten days and center interviews, but now it is officialal that new head football coach this morning with more on hugh jackson and his plan for the team.
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our head coach, hugh jackson, officially become on the 16th brown browns head coach. coming from the cincinnati bengals, but says he is excited to come up more than ten around the team that did not havet a best season. >> i feel very comfortable and confident that i can get it turned i believe that i know that and i expect to get that done. >> he has been a coach for 29or years. fifteen in the nfl. the 50 -year-old serve the past two years with the bengals offensive coordinatorr he served in the open writers in 2011 leading them into` an eight to eight record. they've not had a lot of success since the team came back in 1999 but in a one-on-one interview, he says he is prepared to change that. >> what was the divide cleveland it about cleveland that said as we have an opportunity to go to cleveland i will take it i can?
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ownership i and what jimmy and dc for their organization. i think they are disappointed they have not been able to produce a winner in my relationship has grown and i know the supporters in place to have an opportunity to win here, and it will take a different person to get it done, and i think i am that person to do it. >> he says hee got about 142 text messagesut from people congratulating him and other coaches saying canr you get me a job he will go through those and see who he will hire and we will keep her around also his getting lots of praise from people outside of the browns a lot of people saying he was a great coach he was asked about that yesterday saying why do you think you are getting so much praise and he said because he is very trusted and and w he talks in the third person a lot as well.
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>> so yes. it will be a creative way to see how it goes i thought it was cool. i >> hugh jackson that was great. live him paris up. it is 8:04 a.m. 20 students are recovering following an accident with three school buses crashing yesterday afternoon. >> all of a suddenra everyone was shaking and everyone was screaming and stop` walking around making sure everyone was all right. >> parents were notified by an urgent phone blastt while driver taken to university hospital center they sayit it started when a bus in the back hit one in front pushing the third bus police say none of the injuries are life-threatening.
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house explosion was not an accident investigators of role theci plastic of the family of four now officially and arson firstnd responders recover the r bodies of jeffrey and cynthia matherss and their daughters 12 and eight years old. they are looking into an exact cause. public memorial service being held at the canton center to remember jethro the canine killed inth the line of duty he was shot three times all hoping to track down a burger at a storell flights across the buckeye state were also flown at half staff in his honor. meanwhile now out of the hospital. >> the record won and a half billion dollar dollars jackpot the numbers>> were four, eight, 19, 27 and 34 that powerball was ten winning tickets were sold in florida,b
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gathered outside the hills near los angeles were ticket were sold therels that sold $1 million for selling this ticket >> fox eight news is keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long. good morning. the actor 69 years old it is passing away you are surrounded by his family and friends he had cancer s he was the snake from a snake from the harry potter films alan rickman dead at the age of 69 this morning. >> at&t started reporting problems around 5:15 a.m. the outage is pretty big. that means there are some outages because of some data of internet
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at&t later on today. we are checking on that right now it was exactly on this day last year it happened. we will send it back to you guys. >> all right. it is seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock. >> picabo street what she is accused of doing to her own father. - how he ended up in handcuffs outside of florida bar. >> andnd can number should get a best picture nod?r we are going to bring them to you live with our movie experts we are at today's bridal show when we come back the beautiful models will w
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and sweet. kicking it with
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and then shower start to spread late into the evening then we start to get much colder look at the temperatures by saturday dropping into the 30s and 20s eventually lake like affect snow will develop after the strain develops a whole lot colder here is the second one coming into the eight day forecast of the colder to the colder will stick with ushe several chances of seeing some snow this weekend like affecth with lighter snows we we've had
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20 next tuesday fox eight news is your official school closing station we send it back to you. >> we want to get you caught up on what is happening in the news. police in indonesia say they have received a warning beforeni a deadly terrorist attacks of an people seven people were killed with thehe series of explosions sitting downtownex jakarta police say it was a magician of the november attacks in paris it is not clear this morning if anyone else will have a. police believe isis may be about. the president is calling for calm adding the nation is not afraid. >> i a looks like he was captured because of his attraction to an actress. this is newly released texts between the twohi he was obsessed over which color phone to buyer and
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drinking tequiland whether she helped arrange the meeting was sean pennn american officials want to try him for crime in at least three city. >> they tell us another closingl meaning a 10 percent drop from a recent a high. and that is during the recession. it could get worse if jp morgan chase gives it disappointing quarterly report card and that comes out today it. >> an olympic gold medal skiers accused of pushing her father down>> the stairs she called 911 it happened on december 232 according to police reports the two began fighting after he
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reportedly pulled her and she pushed him down a flight of stairs a month to down the basement street was arrested and charged with assault. backstreet boy arrested in florida last night around 8:00 p.m. last night outside a key west hotspot called the hogs breath saloon. there were some type of scuffle he was booked for misdemeanor battery and the arrests with the former boy band members occupation as loud. >> this time he smiled for his mug shot the arrest of an ohio man decided to mow selfie on the rock they did noto like the sophie they were using it was out of a public library in florida now they say is so feel it to his capture because the
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>> what's up doc with the border patrol officers asking a couple of drug smugglers posed and took a pickup truck bed may look a lot like it is full of cares, but some of those bright objects great objects are packed with pot. they were quickly detected by border patrol and the canine team they would were nearly 3,000 next in with raw carrots the street and i would've been around a half a million dollars. >> those are carrots our carrots with a punch. >> hello, todd. >> how do you know which is which? listenno is got to go through all those carrots. when you find won that is not, just
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>> we are talking about the fundraising the girl scout cookies coming as well do you feel obligated like i have to buy something because it's a coworker if i don't everybody else does i am the jerk or like some people you are not going to buy at all unless the child comes to you. you want to make thatch sales skill. your thoughts and comments coming up. >> i don't have any girl scouts of my neighborhood my kids are grown as long as you area not in the supervisor position where you don't feel obligated there is nothing wrong with selling it at work. people feel obligated do you take credit cards? >> a couple more here. more important i don't believe in teaching people to be competitiveeo i believe and
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she can be a lot of instagram coming in today. thank you for it tastes like a
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ok, the typical bacon cheeseburger is all bacon. but what if you sneak in some serious cheese... here. gouda, gruyere and swiss all connect with fresh cooked bacon and boom wendy' s new gouda bacon cheeseburger. and finish it off with bacon fondue fries, what' s gonna beat that! good morning everybody a quick look at what's happening and again the temperaturesesh remainrein middle and upper 20s.
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windchill valuesu. in middle and d upper teens.tee. lorraine 26 temperatures from cuyahoga falls on the way up into macedonia and selling@ twinsburg and upper 20s andndinto macedo 25. 33 in willoughby sky conditionsnonsn are improving slightly. slhtly. mostly cloudy some slivers ofsli v sun lower 30s at noon 36 later this afternoon. breezy tonight warm front goesr north it might start out tonightt triggering drizzle need to keepo k an eye on theat early tomorrow early tomrow ear morning but the way it's goingg g it is tomorrow that temperatures are really going to go up to theu 40s we melt off a good amount of snow cover and eventually the rain will aid in that process tomorrow evening as the showers move through and eventually temperatures drop saturday backh dr through the 30s earlyop sat.. 20s late day winds out of theof th northwest general idea whata we're looking at lake effect effect eff that will kick in saturday anday aay another clipper comes in ones in on sunday. we add one eson top of another asa
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forecast up out check out thet the numbers teens and 20s next week. k. several chances of seeing someee snow. snow fox8 news your official school closing station. back to you guys. thank you very see what's happening in the news right now.eni the cleveland browns hopeng in e news peng inews they've found the man to turnnd the manturnnd t things around, after a disappointing season.hehe the big news yesterday. they've named hue jackson their head coach but will the team also need a new quarterback?t good question.d question.d q jessica dill is live in berea with more on the coach and whatueue @sica d si he has to say about johnny manziel. good morning. hue jackson received a big introduction this week and many reviews coming out saying he did great in yesterday's press conference. we say i'm not interested in a in
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they have a new cleveland brown b head coach introduced wednesday evening by owner jimmy health although there were seven candidates jackson will be the t a jackson has been a coach for 29 years 15 of thosese@ in the nfl. the bengals offensive coordinator but he has had coachchthe be experience with the oakland the 16th coach for the cleveland browns. without a quarterback so hue was asked about johnny. in the press conference he saidd can't have st hu he doesn't ke now him personallywas rence hedd@hedd@ but he wants to give everyone on the team a fair opportunity toam a see who they are. fa he spoke further on the manziel topic in a one on one with fox 8.topic what was the scouting report on johnny manziel when you were with the cincinnati bengals? scouting report was obviously he's a talented player.
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he also was asked aboutabou offensive lineman jail time istneman jl time as and the recent comments jilll has made that made questionmade qu about whether hees would stay onld stay on the browns and he said joei d thomas is one of the best best offensive lineman in the leaguee l and that he deserves to be on abe on be winning team after pleading so many years and here he said he wants to talk one-on-one withe-on -o gel as well and spend time with him and maybel and try andspen it would be good for him to state and this will be a new winning be season. i hope so. a new he's done a lot for thet fo community for a lot of greatf at organizations. people that have used accessories@ that has stuck around.s ar thatound is for sure. thank you very much. all right. lebron moved from the bedroom where lebron james slept during his rise to superstardom could soon be your new resting place. the wadsworth home where lebron lived from 2005 to 2008, is back on the market.lebron jameg his rise torstardom new this two story, five bedroom story, fi house is nestled on two acres ofuse
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a cool $665,000. the high ceilings the gourmeteilingshe gou kitchen and the master suite haven't sold you yet the currenttc owners say the lebron connection has definitely been a bonus.owners sa the excitement of lebron and the nba and his history here in the akron area and the cleveland area. nba not that everyone is going to beryone isng to the right buyer for this home,or this, but nationaolly he's known by everyone that we felt it would be a bonus to the buyer. kind of looks like a smaller version of his current home. the homeowners say neighbors often saw lebron practice on the basketball hoop out back. you can find he and his wife's names etched in the concrete, out front.names et and they still receive some of his mail..and including some stuff from nike.m nikm keep that send the rest of thef t
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it's beautiful. if you're just getting up 8:33 the time 28 degrees early morning anticipation for some of fo hollywood's biggest stars.r and exciting morning we do thiso s every year academy award nominations are about to be announced david and scott in the
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a big day in stars are hoping to wake up to t news they have been nominated for the industry's highest honor. they will be an arson a matter of minutes butthey will be our own movie man is here with his predictionctionct scott will give his as well.we it's so weird to be here. sitting around in my underwear with a cup of coffee.s you guys always look great in person. the 88th annual academyc awards. chris rock is going to hosted february 28. 2 a lot of fun for everyone in this morningve find out who isis i thought i had to ge tt up early to do this uphow about the folks
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4:00 in the morning. the calls from the you got nominated. we saw theou golden globes thelo b other night a great show aat chance to see all of the stars who will be nominated today and will find out who they are in a ina couple of moments. we have scott are residentialve scottre r movie buff.esiden i just asked you in the hallwayhallway without talking about movies.ovies. we start iovn the beginning of the year in we kind of keep going.ep going. my big pic if i want to jump ju right out there is spotlight. if i had to pick one it would be spotlight so many others buty oers bu spotlight is the movie thatthe moviehatt sticks in your mind.mi i loven the big short and mad max m will be a big surprise.ur mad max movie came outpr a remake e them original starred mel gibsonsonso in the original director came out and madeig a new one and mightand get a lot of nominations. okay. okay. let's go live to hollywood. check it out. go
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what an exciting morninng thank you for kicking it it of john let's continue. for performance by an actor in actor in ac supporting role the nominees are christian bale in the big short. tom hardy in the revenant. mark ruffalo in spotlight. mark in bridge of spies.spi and sylvester stallone and creed. for performance by an actress inct a supporting role the nomineesn are jennifer jason leigh the hateful rooney and rachel mcadams in spotlight. alisa and the danish girl andni kate winslet and steve jobs.
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the nominees areve mad max furyd max road echo the martian. the revenant go and star warsstar the force awakens. for achievement in film editing the nominees are the big short. mad max fury road. the revenant. spotlight. and star wars the force awakens. for achievement and in production design the nominees are. bridge of spies. the danish girl. mad max fury road. the martian.
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and adam mckay for the big short. nick hornby for brooklyn. carol. drew goddard for the martian.. and emma for room. for original screenplay the nominees arena met ethan and joel jo for breach of spies. alex garland for. josh and ronnie for inside out. josh singer and time forjosh singer and time for josh si spotlight.nger and ti and jonathan herman andrea brach and alan four straight out of compton. for original score the nominees arefor .. thomas newman for breach of
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carter burwell for carol. the hateful eight. star wars the force awakens. in the best foreign language film category the nominees arein the beein th from columbia and braced of the braced of serpent. from france mustang. from hungary son of saul.n of from jordansa feed. and from denmark a war. for achievement in directing the nominees arere adam mckay for them mckay big short.for george miller for mad max fury road.. alejandro for the revenant.
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and tom mccarthy for spotlight. for performance by an actress inctr a leading role the nominees are kate blanchette and carol. brief arson in room. jennifer lawrence in joy. charlotte rambling and 45 years. and brooklyn. for performance by an actor in a leading role the nominees are bryan cranston trumbo. matt damon in the martian. ma leonardo dicaprio in thehele revenant. michaelonardo dicapri and steve jobs. and eddie read main in the danish and finally we are pleased to announce the sound selected aas
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they are the big short brad pitt and jeremy kleiner producers. bridge of spies steven spielberg mark and kristi kriegerkri producers. brook lyn. mad max fury road doug mitchellg mitc and george miller producers.he the martian simon canonsburgano ridley scott. michael schaefer and mark k k producer. the revenant steve and eliannd drama and keith redman producer. room. and gyn producer. and spotlight michael ste@ve and an nicole producers.
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the nominations please visit and joinn @ us sunday nightnit february 28 to celebrate these incredible artiststsfebruary . okay. any big shockers david.da i got to tell you big shockers isho guess maybe ones that are leftre off of there i hadr carol on my list and that is t not nominatedmi for best picture christian baleristia and therefore best supporting actor forn n the big short i was happy to see that. there's a lot of things that were very predictable for me because of their broadcatstheir bro rs out of these because we see allll of the movies.ies. going down the list checking ithec out this shows on amd on sunday check it out 8:00. 8 all. t the big short bridge of spiespiesp brooklyn. brooklyn. all movie should have been nominated surprised i liked that a lot this year which is really e a go all.a star wars the biggest movie inn@ the world got a couple of
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ts stuff might see a little bit more of that m. bear. bear the r.evenant seem like a got a got a lot of nice nominations that was nomi good the martian and other film fi if you haven't seen that you have to go see the martian. no hateful eight i thought itight i tho would be in there at least forlast her best script. when you see f a film in unison to some of the dialogue it ise its tricky buet it's also so controversial it almost halfial it a after it while it's like enough is enough. maybeafter it while it's they just said enough is enough. just a little disappointed will smith wasn't nominated..just a l and a lot of people thought mayh may be. such a great movie a great story a true story and football fll concussion all of that stuffstf might be his best performance. you wouldn't even know that is him. fantastic.. talk about someone not on thefant on hefan list supposed to be talking more talk people on the list but that hadthat something to do with the moneyh in football and power ofof
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it was a leonardo dricaprio what you thinkt for his first oscar.c.c he has been worthy of winning anrthy ofng a oscar so many times and for so long one of those things hef those finally gets it. thi you saw him at the golden globes when theyh announced him best supporting actor in creed the place lit up. great. gr they loved it.eaed itea because i think sylvestersy stallone they made jokes about about him his entire career can't speak in that stuff i got a jobot a jobo in tv and i can't speak. this guy c was out there and they made fun of him but he became an icon. @con. all of these people thinkinge peop holle tlywood they grew up on sylvester stallone charactersacteac come back and i think he will when supporting actor. really fun movie to watch a movie didn't get a lot of press is brooklyn.. i watched it again last night. a really good movie. old-fashionedg movie. takes place in the 1950s. i would say probably early 50s. 50
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the oscars i think something important about it for folks who are finances if you haven't seen these movies now you know whichwhic movies you want to go see. g indication you will be seeing a pretty good movie not going to waste your moneyg it's a good investment and a babysitter may m be bya some popcorn.popcorn. or a dvd when they come out. a lot of them are right now. the movie spotlight my favorite of all of the movies mi haven'ts seen them all but most of them mi movie that kind of reminds them all but journal of is a movie how they uncovered thjoeurnal of church sex abusese scandal. reminds me of the president'sent' men they uncovereden watergate.ate the subject matter is differenterenter dot a movie that sticks with you and it takes you a a while tole tole come t down from watching that movie. to me there's emotional components.componnts. this is really powerful not only oy because of the subject matterma but because of the other stuffs to. the big short got to see the big short. we will be right back. thanks.t this is fun.
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it's like my super bowl. bo we will be right back.
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good morning everyone. preview that they askededod mo bridalbri kidding. at least cleveland area hanging out with jennifer who has been working withve h how many years.ear 22 now. 22 which is amazing you're only 28 years tell us about what we have on o this display. ever go to an out-of-townou wedding and usually the coupleouple likes to give a welcoming gift to the guestsslikes to such a long way. they called them welcome backs. that specialize in this this is all they do.s makes these great canvas bagss bags for the guests personalize itr
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put in they even have these reinforcement kits i call themcahem hangover cures. anything the guests need the last-minute emergencies it's all in there. a little souvenir it's@ great forre a sightseeing put a personal thanka persothan you note in it as well as ante in agenda for the whole as we take that back or maybe welcome back could be a boxy they have ha come up with all kinds of kin relationships with cleveland northeast ohio iconic productsp that are local.ocal.o go to the website pick at leastt over 30 choices and a lot of o major sport teams as well.. i see that. t customize your own things in there as wellst. well the neat thing on the cover you can put welcome a design a photo ph customize the box. all@ of these are great guesteat guet gift for that guest showers bachelorette flowers.r these featured on stage but es here'se feated on a closer look and you see the variety of color usually above brights love of a pop of o
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cascading one on the end in then the end cascading one on the end in then the end white tradition is coming back. i nontraditional and you get your your modern with the bling andingnd pistols and that. that. they did a great job with the te owers. look at the beautiful model overod rachel.racl. she is sipping on minogue says aue sa signature cocktail at the showcocktail ath ite c somes in a signature glass wesignaturglas are all about love that today's bride show locally in ohio alloh attendees get today's bride bagrideagri chock full of the magazine as well as goodies and discounts for the day a the eye peas tickets that front row seat at the te fashion show get a swag bag fullba of more surprises in goodies no n one else has and cover girl'ser grl's chair cover such a great job j coverinog the chairs there to greet you when you get there is 50 percent off tickets $10 at the door or 50 percent p off ahead ofe time use the promohe promh code kenny at today's my first kenny code. i have made it.
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thank you so much and thank youod.. she has nothing on you rachel. all right.all ri my beghautiful model thank you sok y much ladies. were gooi@ng to go back to the way you are with two modelsgo right next to you..nex absolutely. you get to work with them every day..el it never gets old. really. we pay him big bucks to say that.. thanks kenny. a all right. love the story. an online retailer is beingler is beinl praised for its generous return policy..praise kelly kinkel called zulily when she realized the new winter coat she ordered would not work for her. they agreed to refund her right away but when she asked how towa go about returning the coat they but when turning customer service agent told herat the agent therat t to donate it. kelly was so impressed she posted a picture of her exchange with zulily online and it has
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put those razors and combs down o the latest trend for men is anti-grooming. think messy, unwashed hair ande latest tre bushy beards.bushy beard the designers at men's fashionthe week in london recently showedde it off with their models whosiers at menweek of bed look.k. many of them were told not to shower, before the show.k. there you i don't agree with a i dongr'tee either.i you think i should try that on you guys.. ey get d a new phone and it turns outecone and turns the number used to belong to o someone else. [music playing]layingla [music playing] well it wasn't his famous 900 number but the lawyer's new number did once belong to sir mix a lot.number r mix a. jonathan nichols says he started ng him pictures of women in bikinis.
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it clicked. it wasn't until his birthday and my phone started blowing up and i knew who the celebrity is and now i don't care if it's don't care if it disruptive, it's just funny.'s nichols has never spoken to sir mix a lot directly.nichols has but others did pass along a message from mix his advice?rs don't check any text messages onck any te thatxt messa phone in front of your wife..thatxt messa p all right. right. time right now. are they done for good?ouil 9:0 is the [music playing] big rumors swirling today about the fate of one direction. we have the story that's breaking teenage hearts around the world.
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[music playing] cue the tears. five months after announcing their break one direction is splitting up for good. the news is coming from a sourceming froa sour close to the boy band who says the foursome decided not to renew their recording contractth boy ban after wrapping up their tour.appinup their the guys who got their start on uk's x factor are said to beor are sd to be tired and interested in solo careers.or be all right.l right. don't let this morning's oscar nominations overshadow this year's razzy nominations.n't le oscar 50 shades of gray in fantastic four have nominations in almostostos every category from worst actor and actress to worst screenplay. adam sandler is nominated twice for his roles in pixels and the cobbler. sandler a few oscar nominees found nomine found themselves on the razzies list including johnny depp and his
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